“The propitious smile of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself has ordained.” ~ George Washington

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Is God A Conservative?

And Does It Even Matter?


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Compare and Contrast the World and God’s Word

The World                               God’s Word


Moral Relativism

Group Identity

Central Planning

Government-defined Rights


Wealth Redistribution

Secular Marriage Contract

Caesar’s Authority


Moral Absolutes

Individual Accountability

Personal Liberty

Creator-ordained Rights


Personal Generosity

Sacred Marriage Covenant

God’s Authority

“Is God a Conservative?” makes the compelling case that God involves Himself in the affairs of men and His greatest blessings are reserved for those who are trying to do things His way.  Our founders embedded this worldview in our founding documents and America has been truly blessed.


Forty-five of the fifty United States confirm this belief in the preambles to their constitutions by stating in one way or another…”In order to secure the blessing of almighty God for ourselves and future generations…”


Today’s American culture is drifting towards chaos at every level… from family instability to financial crisis…from moral decline to deep societal divisions…from attacks on law and order to unabated street violence…the current course is unsustainable.


“Is God a Conservative?” suggests that a return to our founding principles will begin a restoration in our country and lead to the renewed hand of blessing from the God of Heaven.  Using seven organizing principles of society, the book shows our alarming drift from the basic truths that guided our founding and answers the question, “
…and does it even matter?” with a resounding, “Yes!”



“Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.” ~ William Penn

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Capt. Jim Kinney spent 26 years in the Navy, initially flying as Mission Commander in reconnaissance aircraft launching from aircraft carriers. He ultimately had three commands and served a tour on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. While serving as the Director of Navy Recruiting and Retention Policy and in zone for Admiral, he retired to take a position as Vice President of a non-profit organization in Atlanta. Serving 10 years, he turned a struggling operation around by automating their support systems and quadrupling their annual business.


After serving nearly 4 years on staff at one of the largest churches in America, he left to help Gov. Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign. When his service to the campaign was completed, he launched the Inspire & Ignite consulting company.

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Captain Kinney is an internationally known public speaker having taught in hundreds of venues across the country and around the world.


His military experience, inside knowledge of DC workings, his Biblical worldview, life experiences and his humor have made him a popular and inspiring public speaker.  Equally at home discussing current events and the political scene as well as delivering inspiring patriotic presentations and challenging real life content while always incorporating sound Biblical principles, and common sense answers to today’s difficult issues Jim is in demand as a speaker and teacher.


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